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 Pastor Matt Pearcy became pastor in September 2005. He filled the pulpit periodically and for long periods of time for Pastor Cox due to his failing health. He served as a deacon ordained by Maple Grove Baptist Church for over twenty years prior to becoming the pastor. With Pastor Bill Cox as the presiding minister, the church ordained Matthew Pearcy as a minister of the gospel in August 2004. He became the fulltime pastor in September 2005 and continues that position today

History of Maple Grove Church


“The first meeting of the Maple Grove Church was held May 6, 1951 in a garage furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jones. There were 37 adults and children in attendance. In September of the same year, we were informed that the church would have to find another building immediately. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ashley had already given two large lots on which to erect a church building. In the meantime, Mr. and Mrs. Endle Grable let us use their home and services were held there until a building was put up on the church lots.

 On September 23, 1951, a special meeting was held on the church lots to arouse interest in starting the new building. The first service held in the new building was on October 14. 1951, although it was far from complete.

 Since then, many improvements have been made, such as a new floor furnace, plaster, and paint on the walls and benches and new songbooks. 

Each year a fine program has been prepared at Christmas time, which has always been well attended and enjoyed. A pitch-in dinner is always planned for the Friday night before Christmas. The children always enjoy this especially since Santa Claus has always paid them a visit at that time.

Each year a revival meeting has been held in the spring. 

Our first minister was Rev. Clifford Hays, who served us until June, 1953. Rev. James Landrum was the next pastor. He is now attending school in Tennessee, so had to resign August 1, 1954.”

(Prepared by Mrs. Dorothy Grable and Mrs. Marion Davis, September 1954)

The following history was prepared by Bill Cox in 10/2001:

Rev. Clifford Hayes was a Christian Church Pastor from 5/1951 to 6/1953.

Rev. James Landrum was a Christian Church Pastor from 9/1953 to 9/1954.

Rev. Joe Miller was a Baptist Pastor from 10/1954 to 10/1956. He established the church as a Baptist church and doctrine. Many of the Christian church, doctrinally, were offended and left the church.

Rev. Fred Lee was a Baptist Pastor from 10/1956 to 6/1963.

Rev. Franklin Shannon (Home Missions in Illinois) Pastored from 11/24/63 to 6/1964. He closed the church doors. 

Pastor Bill Cox began Pastoring Maple Grove Baptist Church in the latter part of September 1964 and is still Pastoring. (10/2001)

As stated above, the first church building was completed in 1951. This was built upon the two lots donated by Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ashley. The first addition to that building was built in the early 1960s. Much of the material used in this building was from the Chapel of Stout Airfield of Indianapolis, after WWII. The present sanctuary was completed in February of 1975. It will seat 300 people. 

The main thrust, under Pastor Bill Cox, has been to win souls to Christ and make disciples of them. We have tried not to entertain, but to uphold the Word of God. The present outreach of MGBC is the jail ministry at the Hendricks County Jail in Danville, Indiana. Pastor Cox established this ministry in 1990 and presently the Coordinator for the Chaplains of the

Sunday services. Matt Pearcy and Susan Cox are two or our church’s Chaplains. Weekly Religious Education classes for the 4th grade students of our public schools has been an outreach for nearly 25 years. 

Pastor Bill Cox ministered at Maple Grove Baptist Church until his health prevented it. He continued as the Emeritus Pastor until his passing in June 2007.


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